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How to Handle Large Projects When Working with Advance Steel

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    Advance Steel software can be used for a diverse range of structural-steel modeling and fabrication projects. When it comes to large projects, the right approach is essential for project health and management, on-time documentation delivery, and later use of the project. In this class we will examine different methods of working on large projects in Advance Steel. We will start with what makes a project “large” and when special considerations would be needed. Then you will learn how to approach the 3D modeling phase based on project characteristics and available resources in your company. We will discuss using xrefs, split models, and multi-user methods, with their characteristics and challenges. Further on, we’ll discuss the detailing phase and generation of the full documentation for fabrication. The class will include performance comments based on experiences with previous projects, as well as best practices and recommendations for working with large projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the meaning of “large project” in Advance Steel and discuss what to look for.
    • Choose the right method(s) to work on large 3D model (xref, split, multi-user) based on their characteristics.
    • Learn how to approach the detailing and finishing phase for large projects.
    • Learn how to use best practices and performance recommendations for working on large projects.