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How to Get a Team of 600 SNCF Engineers to Adopt BIM
Valérie Bourgoin, Emeric Brun
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This class will present the first SNCF rail project that implemented a BIM approach. The project consists of transforming the existing Saint-Cloud Station in order to interconnect to the future metro station and fit the increase of passenger traveler flow. As part of this presentation, we'll address the following topics: BIM for rail issues and expectations; SNCF challenges and expected BIM outcomes; overview of the Saint-Cloud project; reasons for using BIM on this project and expected outcomes; approach taken in partnership with Autodesk Consulting; outlook.

Key Learnings

  • Change management approach to introduce BIM in a complex and large organisation
  • Find out what BIM means for a railway company like SNCF
  • Learn how to approach a first BIM project
  • Discover the approach taken in partnership with Autodesk Consulting


Valérie Bourgoin
Valérie Bourgoin is a graduate from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and holds a PhD in structure and materials. She joined the SNCF Engineering Department in 2004 where she's been in charge of the maintenance of track geometry, rail dynamics and participated in multiple tests for lines and vehicles acceptance (including the speed record at 574,8 km/h in 2007). In 2011, Valerie joined the Paris Area’s Project Head Office where she's been heading the engineering of track design, rail equipment, Hydraulic and Environment. Today, Valerie is deputy director of the Paris Area’s Studies Department supervising all disciplines in charge of new projects or renewals. In this role she's leading the BIM deployment in her organisation.
Emeric Brun

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