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How to Control Quality and Mitigate Risk with Laser Scanning

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    Laser scanning is not just for as-builts anymore. Substantial hardware and software advancements have made scanning a powerful quality assurance and quality control tool that now enables us to produce valuable and actionable information about slabs, decks, and walls. Deployed at the right time, scanning can help to reduce the risk of incorrectly located deck penetrations, verify work put in place, and negate the need for X-rays to locate concrete reinforcement. We also have the capability to provide real-time concrete surface analysis during concrete placement to influence quality, ensure specifications are met, and potentially eliminate rework.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of laser scanning for quality control
    • Learn about trends in laser scanning for concrete construction
    • Learn how to capitalize on the integration of scan data with 2D and 3D project information
    • Understand the current state of standards for building documentation