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How to COBie-ize Revit MEPF Models for Efficient Data Deliverables
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Through lessons learned on 2 large projects (an airport expansion and a courthouse renovation), come learn how critical it is to properly prepare MEFP (mechanical, electrical, fire, plumbing) models for the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) deliverables. Come learn workflows, tips, and tricks every firm should know. Students will learn how to set up Revit software MEPF models for an efficient COBie deliverable workflow. The lesson will include reviewing importance of architectural model setup, what to watch for and how to fix it, how to match Arch rooms / MEPF spaces quickly, how to easily create unique naming conventions, and how to address equipment without room assignments. The students will learn how to use Revit software’s COBie Extension (COBie Toolkit) effectively to COBie-ize the models for the best data exports. Also, you’ll understand when and how to append COBie files for the client deliverable. This session features Revit.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the importance of the architectural model’s role in MEPF COBie exports
  • Discover the common data problems encountered when working on a COBie deliverable and how to address them
  • Understand how to effectively use COBie extension/toolkit to COBie-ize models for data exports
  • Get Revit tips, tricks, and best-practice workflows for a successful COBie



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