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Home on the Range: Get Comfortable with Energy Analysis from FormIt to Revit and More

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    Buildings are highly complex and dynamic systems. As such, determining the most effective ways to reduce energy use can be very challenging. This is especially true in design when there are many different factors to consider—unknowns will reveal themselves and things will change rapidly, all in a compressed time frame. In this class you'll achieve greater ease, continuity, confidence, and flexibility with a range of energy analysis, from concept to detailed modeling in the FormIt mobile app to Revit software. This is all made possible through recent and ongoing advances being made in automatic energy analytical model creation; use of cloud computing for parallel simulation processing of simulations; and more intuitive, interactive, and customizable reportage. This class will comprise largely of live demonstrations that will show the ease and possible depth of energy analysis, what to focus on when, and ultimately how you can trust the data in order to make better design decisions sooner.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Energy Analysis in the FormIt app and Revit software from concept to detailed stages
    • Learn how to consistently identify the biggest factors that influence overall building energy use
    • Gain confidence in the underlying Energy Analysis software and use it to make better decisions faster
    • Learn how to create custom configurations of simulations and reportage suited to addressing specific design issues