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Holy Crap: Using Autodesk Technologies to Tackle the Global Sanitation Crisis
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Urban slums are growing at a blistering pace. One billion people live in urban slums today, and 2 billion people will do so by 2030. These areas aren't getting bigger; they're just getting more and more crowded. Delivering basic services, such as sanitation, can be extremely challenging. At the same time, typical solutions that we've traditionally used to solve these challenges, such as sewer systems, are expensive to implement and maintain. Governments are at a loss over what to do. But there is hope. In this session, Sanergy and Splash will discuss how Autodesk technologies (including Fusion 360 and AutoCAD 360) and design thinking have been critical in tackling the sanitation challenge in urban slums in Kenya and Haiti to provide residents with access to clean, safe toilets and hand washing, and to safely remove waste from the environment and convert it into valuable end products, such as fertilizer and energy.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the importance of Autodesk technologies in solving big social challenges
  • Understand how the sanitation challenge requires systems and design thinking to have meaningful impact
  • Understand unique uses of Fusion 360 and AutoCAD
  • Understand unorthodox employment opportunities



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