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Holistic-Altruism: A discussion of balancing budget, performance and function.

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    Buzzwords like sustainability and collaboration get thrown around excessively in the building industry. This class will be discussing holistic-atruistic design representing the balance between sustainability, cost, and function. In addition to building trends, we will focus on analytics, communication and documentation tools, and deliverables impacting the entire lifecycle of a project. The class will focus on new technologies informing design, analyzing patterns of use and leveraging technology to automate controls and optimize building operation. Holistic-altruistic building practices can be achieved by leveraging human-centered design theories. We will explore this topic in addition to case studies of existing firms that are able to implement these theories into practice.

    Key Learnings

    • Discern applicable solutions for building analytics and controls based on program and use.
    • Measure return on investment for building owners and operators relating to operational efficiency.
    • Determine building elements that have a viable impact on work [performance] and employee satisfaction.
    • Educate facility owners about the return on investment via employee performance, building operation and facilities management