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Harnessing the Power of Digital Twins in Facility Management

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    The construction industry made the move to building information modeling (BIM) more than a decade ago using tools like Revit software to improve design and construction. From an FM perspective, the industry is now moving toward smarter buildings, and digital twins are becoming increasingly important. Ironically, depending on who you ask, industry experts will agree on applications for digital twins, but they often cannot agree on a definition. In this session, a diverse panel of experts will discuss different aspects of digital twins and definitions. We'll present an overview of digital twins and the results of IT Community of IFMA's "Annual Digital Twin Survey.” The presentation will then move to a discussion where panelists will share their insights into current and future applications of digital twins using tools like Autodesk Tandem software. This session will help clarify what a digital twin is; what should be expected as a deliverable from the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry; and the level of adoption within FM.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how digital twins are being adopted in the facility management industry.
    • Learn about the current impact of digital twins in facility management.
    • Gain insight from industry leaders on applications, use cases, and the benefits of digital twins.
    • Discover how your organization (or your client) can improve by using digital twins.