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Hackrod: Hot-Rodding for the 21st century
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What if 3 kids in a garage wanted to start a car company? Is it possible? We believe so. And we're documenting the first research project that will prove it. Visit the Hackrod Pit Stop to get a behind the scenes look at the team, workflow and process to create the first car in history designed and engineered using cloud-based AI, and exported with the full potential of Advanced Manufacturing.  A real-world example of the intersection between the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Digital Manufacturing.  Hackrod Defined: AN INFINITELY HACKABLE HIGH PERFORMANCE VEHICLE, MADE POSSIBLE BY ADVANCED MANUFACTURING, DIGITAL DESIGN, AND CROWD COLLABORATION. THE HOT ROD FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

Key Learnings

  • Supply Chain of the Future: How to design for distributed manufacturing, where factories are becoming a social network
  • How to transition from building things that are “dead” to “alive”, capable of sensing their surroundings to generate new design iterations
  • How to apply of the tools of tomorrow, today



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