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Lecture    CO5677
Grid-to-Ground: Getting the Data you Need for Construction Layout and Automation
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Automated machine guidance (AMG) paving has become a game changer in terms of construction quality, efficiency, and, perhaps most importantly, safety. Unfortunately, owners rarely volunteer data that contractors need. This class will discuss information that contractors need in order to estimate, plan, and ultimately lay out and construct designs. We will look at the processes of interacting with designs in 3D to plan construction means and methods, building models to create the data needed for AMG, and being sure that the ground truth and site control network has the necessary coverage to support a robust site calibration. Participants will leave with a checklist of the information that they should request from the owner in order to be sure that they have all the data they need. This is a workflow-oriented class that provides context to the way that contractors consume design data. We will identify software tools with examples, but they will not be the primary focus.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how to create models with Infrastructure Design Suite software for means and methods planning
  • Discover how to create models with AutoCAD Civil 3D software for excavation, earthwork, fine grading, and paving with AMG
  • Understand that site calibration and site control needs to better ensure tight GPS tolerance
  • Learn how to identify the survey and design data that owners could deliver in terms that will help you get what you need


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