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Going for Gold: How to Win an Olympic Medal with Autodesk Software

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    The US Sailing Team is looking to regain its position atop the sailing world rankings in the 2020 Olympic Games. Autodesk’s vision for the Future of Making Things directly aligns with the Team’s strategy for winning gold. We require a streamlined workflow to design, simulate, and manufacture advanced composite components to achieve novel mechanical properties, decrease weight, and improve overall vessel performance—all within the tight dictates of Olympic competition rules. Join us in this course to understand how innovation is achieved among Olympic sailing competitors and how we are capitalizing on Autodesk’s diverse and connected portfolio to become Olympic medal winners.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand Olympic Sailing and the challenges of achieving a world-beating equipment design-and-build process
    • Learn about composite materials, composite design, and composite manufacturing
    • Understand how Autodesk software can help optimize design-to-manufacturing processes
    • Learn how the techniques presented can be applied to any composite application