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Getting Control of the Project: Improving Model-Based Layout Using Survey Control

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    Establishing control on the jobsite is essential for doing layout with a total station. Without control points, the BIM data can't be referenced to the physical jobsite. Control can be established many different ways. The object is to establish the most accurate control that you can to ensure efficient multi-trade model-based layout. This hands-on lab highlights the new features of the Get The Point (GTP) plug-in for improving survey control workflows within AutoCAD®, Revit®-based software, and Navisworks® Manage software.

    Key Learnings

    • Distinguish between State Plane and Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate systems
    • Set up a project for aligning coordinate systems between multiple-trade BIM models
    • Create and align to a shared coordinate system in AutoCAD and Revit-based software
    • Establish survey control for an improved model-based layout workflow