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Generative design for Hospital Pharmacy: optimizing spaces/flows with Dynamo/Refinery

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    The evolution of BIM tools and processes combining Generative Design and Automation offers new possibilities to the architects and engineers working on complex buildings and its vital interiors, in this case a hospital and its pharmacy. AP-HP Group, representing 39 hospitals in Paris, collaborates with ENGIE AXIMA BIM Factory to re-design the pharmacy and the flows inside it. In this class you will see how we have utilized Dynamo, Refinery and coding. We will demonstrate how algorithms allow us to carry out parametric studies on the «generative space plan» and optimize «automatic generation of a 3D BIM model». We will show how we have used macro and micro generation to evaluate the different options for flow optimization of people and goods present in the pharmacy and how to make qualitative and logistic analysis. The result is a better architectural configuration of the Hospital pharmacy and an improved working environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about Pharmacy logistics challenges and pharmacy architectonic rules
    • Design algorithms to solve complex logistic problems in a Pharmacy department with Dynamo/Refinery
    • Integrate algorithms and coding into architecture and engineer workflows
    • Learn a new way to leverage data for better informed decisions