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Generative Design at Hogwarts: Using Tech Instead of Magic

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    While it's not directly shown, it's likely that the teachers at Hogwarts used a lot of magic to make quick work of the mundane prep for their classes. This session will review applications of generative design from the standpoint of the graph author rather than the user. Using Generative Design in Revit software, we'll use our own brand of magic to find the optimal seating chart in potions (Revit integration), lay out the care of magical creatures OWL on the Hogwarts grounds (FormIt 360 software), and design the layout for the campgrounds at the Quidditch World Cup (Civil 3D software). This magic may not be as old as what the students at Hogwarts learn, but it will still help move your Revit, FormIt 360, and Civil 3D work to the next level via Generative Design in Revit!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create optimal solutions when faced with competing goals and inputs by using generative design.
    • Learn how to build viable quantification systems in both relative and finite scope to define successful results.
    • Learn how to compare multiple viable solutions at various scales to ensure projects move forward with confidence.
    • Discover a sampling of options for review/decision without requiring significant rework.