Lecture    MSF7119
The Future of MEP: Fusing Construction Knowledge Into Design
Dave Pikey
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The MEP industry has been evolving from multiple angles and looks to continue in this direction over the next few years. A key issue to be addressed is the connection between design and construction, and specifically how to increase productivity between design modeling and construction modeling. This gap is already starting to be bridged by some, but for the majority, it continues to be an issue. Industry leader The Hill Group will talk about how they’ve tackled some of these issues on past projects, how owner demand is influencing a change in business practice, and what the industry might need to do to prepare itself for an inevitable restructuring.


 Dave Pikey
Dave Pikey
<p>David Pikey is the Director of Technology Integration for The Hill Group, a $220m+ Chicago-based organization engaged in construction, maintenance and operation of building systems – all with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. David joined Hill in 1998 as a design engineer and has directed modeling, estimating, and fabrication technology for the company since 2004.<br> Currently, David serves as a member of the Chicago BIM-IPD Group and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Digital Practice Research Group. He is also a frequent industry guest speaker sharing his experience on leveraging technology in a collaborative environment to deliver a better product in the construction process.<br> David has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Purdue University.</p>


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