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Fusion 360 Case Study: Designing a Musical Effect with ECAD-MCAD Workflows

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    In this instructional demo, we’ll show how Fusion 360 Electronics software can be maximized with Fusion 360 strong modeling tools to produce a distortion-effect pedal end to end. We'll discuss the design of the effect in detail, as well as how having an integrated workflow between electronics and mechanical tooling simplifies and expedites the design process. Throughout the demo, we will be highlighting the specific features in Fusion 360 that enabled us to go from idea to completed prototype.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the clear benefits of an integrated ECAD-MCAD workflow.
    • Learn how to solve electronic design challenges by thinking in terms of combining simple circuit blocks to achieve an end goal.
    • Learn how to design your product enclosures based on your electronic PCBs.
    • Learn how to solve the typical challenges associated with integrated product design.