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Formidable FormIt 360 Modeling

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    This is an advanced class for those already familiar with FormIt 360 mobile and web app and the user interface, tools, and basic workflows within the app. This session will focus more on the Windows App to utilize more resources. We will cover the advanced modeling techniques, analysis capabilities, pro features (such as session sharing and material creation), workflows to work with Revit software and Revit software families, and integration of Dynamo modeling scripts into FormIt 360. The class will focus heavily on workflow and getting the most out of a FormIt 360 Pro subscription, so your models are layered with Building Information Modeling (BIM)-related information earlier in your design process. This class will not cover the basics of FormIt 360, so if you’re unfamiliar with how to create model content in FormIt 360, it would be better to take a different course. This session features FormIt 360, Dynamo Studio, and Revit Architecture. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand advanced modeling techniques
    • Learn how to use analysis tools and other FormIt 360 Pro features
    • Explore workflows with Revit and other programs
    • Learn about integration of Dynamo modeling with FormIt 360