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Forge: Real-World Applications, Successes, and Lessons Learned by SIs
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Forge Certified Systems Integrators have deployed many Forge solutions for a variety of customers in both AEC & Manufacturing. In this panel, Ron Locklin, the Director of Strategy for Autodesk Cloud Platforms, will moderate a panel of Systems Integrator partners* to talk about successes and challenges they have encountered when building for Forge. These Forge veterans will share their experience and address head on what worked and what they learned (the "good, bad and ugly"). *Partners include: AMCBridge, CAD & Co, CCTech, D3, ImagineIT, and Prototech Joint AU/Forge DevCon class.

Key Learnings

  • View examples of actual applications of Forge in the real world
  • See how Forge has been successful in solving customer problems/challenges
  • Understand where SIs faced challenges implementing Forge, and how they addressed them
  • Understand how to approach building third-party applications in Forge



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