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Forge Data APIs: Standardized Granular Data Extraction to Reduce Code Base

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    For several years Stantec has maintained a software stack for extracting data from Revit for various purposes. Most recently in support of a benchmarking effort to collect standardized, normalized data from our models for reporting and analysis by project type & sector. In this scenario users must “submit” their data after they have a QA check. Autodesk Data Exchanges and API’s present a method to standardize the data extraction process and give control to the end user as to what data is exported for downstream use. This process removes the compute from the local desktop and reduces the complexity of the internal code base. With the use of Azure as a data pipeline the data traffic is moved off the corporate network (LAN, WAN, VPN, and ISP). This class will discuss our development of a solution that leverages the Forge Data APIs. In addition to benchmarking we will touch on some of the other areas where we have experimented with the tooling including as part of our Digital Twin project.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the value of the Forge APIs for developing custom solutions.
    • Apply Autodesk Data Exchanges to workflows that require subsets of data to be across multiple apps and teams.
    • Evaluate the potential value in creating their own custom solution
    • Understand the long-term value of Autodesk's move to granular cloud data and how to capitalize on that value through APIs.