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Virtual Production: A Revolution in Video Production and Storytelling

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Virtual Production: A Revolution in Video Production and Storytelling

Advances in real-time rendering and display technologies can help storytellers in every industry


Since the dawn of cinema, viewers have enjoyed being transported to other worlds through the use of hand-painted mattes and elegant green screens. But these technologies have limitations in terms of the illusions they can create. Recent advances in game engines, real-time rendering, and LED panel technology give us new options, allowing us to put performers into environments, both real and imagined. The result is a new approach to visualization. Hardie Tankersley of Silverdraft Supercomputing shares the possibilities not only for video production, but for anyone who has a story to tell.

About the speaker

Hardie Tankersley is the vice president of Visualization Technologies at Silverdraft Supercomputing, where he develops high-performance computing solutions for photorealistic real-time 3D visualization solutions. He previously worked as a senior VP for Digital Products & Innovation at Fox, and as a director of products for Yahoo! Entertainment. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

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