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Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis on Turbulence Flow-Loaded Structures
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Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is a type of multiphysics that is important when designing systems such as exhaust systems found in power plants. This proposal uses an FSI approach to synergize the flow regime and the mechanical response behavior using Autodesk tools. This is done by exporting transient loads from Autodesk CFD simulations and mapping onto Fusion 360 Event Sim models to calculate the dynamic structural behavior. The FSI approach is crucial for simulating phenomena such as flow-induced vibration (FIV). FIV simulations can predict fatigue performance of equipment like exhaust chutes. They can also predict catastrophic failure on a component if its modes “lock in” with the vortex shedding. Applications of FIV simulation can range from small sensors in cross flow in pipes to jet flows bellowing out of an exhaust unit. Attendees will leave with a familiarity of FSI and will gain an insight into FIV problems they might currently be experiencing and their solutions.

Key Learnings

  • Gain a basic understanding of FSI and FIV
  • Discover the capabilities of Autodesk tools, which can be used to perform multiphysic simulations
  • Gain insight into potential FIV challenges you might be facing, and get design ideas to overcome these problems
  • Gain a basic understanding of Autodesk CFD and FEA simulations



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