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Flexible Families: Learn to Make Your Families Stretch and Flex Like Never Before

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    Have you ever created a parametric Revit family and wanted to have more control of the shape handles? Have you wanted to see the grip handles in 3D, control their visibility, or even control where they're located within the family? Are you tired of seeing what seems like hundreds of reference planes? This hands-on lab will teach you built-in Revit methods that let your Revit families flex like never before. Multiple, positionable 3D grip handles for sliding doors, grip handles that are formula drivers, and grip handles with visibility are just a couple of the examples we'll cover in this lab. So let's have some fun by giving the infamous reference plane a little bit of a break, and get our hands dirty with awesome stretch methods that have been hiding in the Revit Family Editor all along!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn new methods to enable 3D grip handles in Revit families
    • Learn new methods to control visibility of grip handles in Revit families
    • Learn to control location of grips in Revit families
    • Learn how to create formula drive grip handles