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A Fine Line—The Balance of Artistry and Technology in Architectural Visualization

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    This round table discussion will centre on the strategic deployment of technology within Arch Viz commercial projects and studios. James Orchard and Sam Slicer from FloodSlicer  will review the creative decision making process that lies behind the creation of successful high end projects,  referencing FloodSlicer projects that demonstrate high levels of technical prowess – in particular animations. The Arch Viz environments of the round table audience will be included and considered in discussions.

    Key Learnings

    • Review the importance of the overarching creative brief in project planning and determining of technical solutions
    • Discover how to attain best possible creative technical solutions
    • Consider the use of technology in relation to historic trajectories and contemporary cultural relationships
    • Discuss dissemination of knowledge in deadline-driven architecturally visualization environments, including research and development and introduction of new technologies