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Find Your Why and How with an Outcome Discovery and a Transformation Method

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    How come more than 70% of all change processes fail? Why is it so important to look not only at the technical side of a change, but especially at the people side of the transformation process? Projects fail—not because of the technology, but because people are not involved and/or do not realize why the change is important and what’s in it for everyone. This class will share simple best practices on how Autodesk works with its customers step by step to develop the important pillars of a change initiative. We'll present simple overviews and concepts-of-discovery workshops, as well as the tried and tested approach for successful change processes. This approach will be reinforced with a BIM for Manufacturing project that supports and confirms the theses of this lecture. Use this short presentation to analyze your upcoming change processes. Give your initiatives the right impetus and learn how your Autodesk team can also help you with these topics!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the importance of transform challenges and why more than 70% of transformations fail to meet expectations
    • Learn how to develop a strong WHY for your transformations and why it is necessary for successful change
    • Learn how to find the desired value drivers and outcomes and define measurable added value as a strong basis for your change
    • Learn how to define a change management strategy and implement the right actions to achieve a positive change process