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Field Data Procurement Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Laser Scanning

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    The ever-growing quest for faster and more-accurate field data has been fueled by the increase in computing power and the decrease of equipment costs for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and laser scanners. The democratization of both types of data procurement helps continue the growth in areas of construction and engineering that were unthought of a few years ago. The UAV may be the greatest thing since the Internet. From reducing risk on dangerous work to simplifying surveying and mapping tasks, we have yet to see the full potential. Laser scanning is very similar and was once thought of as an inaccurate science, but it has broken through this stigma and is now a common practice. This presentation will dive into the many uses of UAVs and laser scanning in heavy civil design, engineering, and construction. We will discuss the legality of their uses and show examples of their potential uses. See how these types of data procurement are being applied daily. The future is here.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the current laws and regulations on using UAVs and Laser scanning
    • Explore the current uses of UAVs and laser scanners on a heavy civil construction site
    • Learn about different methods for UAV and laser scanning data collection
    • Discover the limitations of UAVs and laser scanning