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Fabrication: How Comfort Systems Is Taking Advantage of this Tool

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    In this class, you'll gain insight into how Comfort Systems utilizes Fabrication ESTmep software, Fabrication CADmep software, Fabrication CAMduct software, and Fabrication Parts in Revit to bid jobs, having found success in winning negotiated work with these tools. In today's fast-paced construction schedules, time is of the essence, so getting an accurate takeoff in a timely manner is paramount. Comfort Systems utilizes the Fabrication Suite of Products to ensure this occurs; but, in addition to this, the coordinated model is used to validate the estimate and to set prefabrication goals for the shop and installation goals for the field.

    Key Learnings

    • Win work with Fabrication ESTmep
    • Learn how to produce a material takeoff from a Revit design model with minimal effort
    • Learn how to validate the estimate once a coordinated model is complete
    • Learn how to set fabrication and installation labor targets through the use of work breakdown structures