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Extend Your Data with the InfraWorks Schema Editor—Lab
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This lab will focus on the new Schema Editor in InfraWorks software; learn what it is, see how to create custom attributes for the various object classes, and then apply it to a real-world situation. We’ll begin by creating custom attributes for an existing model. We’ll then import geographic information system (GIS) data to build upon our InfraWorks model, and then populate the custom attributes using a spreadsheet and the JavaScript Scripting Console. Once our attributes have been updated, we’ll apply this to a real-world situation by creating Feature Themes to highlight object classes based on their custom attribute values. To wrap up, you’ll learn how you can reuse your customized, extended data in future models.

Key Learnings

  • Learn what the Schema Editor is, and how to create new attributes for the object classes
  • Learn how to update the attributes using JavaScript inside of InfraWorks
  • Learn how to create Feature Themes to graphically display your extended data
  • Learn how to reuse your custom attribute information in new projects


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