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The Evolution of 3D Design Practices on Roadway Projects

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    When Wisconsin Department of Transportation implemented Civil 3D software for roadway design in 2010, a primary goal was to develop construction-ready 3D roadway models as part of the design process. In 2014, WisDOT established standard design model deliverables for all projects with earthwork components. This class will explore the evolution of the WisDOT design model concept. We will discuss how feedback from design and construction project stakeholders has changed our understanding of the purpose of 3D design practices on highway and roadway projects. We will review past changes to WisDOT’s design model concept and the reasons for making those changes. We will also discuss the latest proposed concepts for restructuring WisDOT’s 3D design delivery standards, and how these changes are intended to improve highway and roadway project delivery.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover uses and benefits of 3D design deliverables on highway and roadway projects
    • Discover roadway design challenges associated with 3D design practices
    • Discover contractor challenges associated with the use of 3D design output
    • Discover the latest strategies for mitigating 3D design challenges and achieving balance between effort and benefits