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Enterprise-Level Designs Using AutoCAD Utility Design at Southern California Edison

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    Learn how Southern California Edison uses AutoCAD software-based drafting tools to produce designs in a rapidly changing industry. This class discusses how the Transmission and Distribution groups produce work order packages using the AutoCAD Utility Design tool, resulting in greater consistency, accuracy, standardization, and ability to feed downstream processes in the enterprise. We also discuss how designs are initiated and how engineering tools feed into the final design within a tightly integrated network. All of these processes occur within the context of enterprise-level resource planning, and the downstream systems such as mapping, GIS, and SAP® that consume design data, including design validations, material ordering, scheduling, and construction. This class also examines future design elements in the industry, such as cloud-based computing, 3D renderings, and data point clouds.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe how Southern California Edison extends the value of a graphical enterprise level design solution
    • Explain how external tools and data sets feed and consume design elements
    • Explore forward-looking aspects of design, including tightly integrated tools and large data point clouds
    • Apply lessons learned by Southern California Edison when implementing a graphic design solution