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Roundtable    CI1435-R
Enhancing Field Execution in Bridge Construction Using Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Inventor
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This class uses a case study of the Saline Creek Bridge in Fort McMurray, Alberta, to demonstrate methods of using Revit, Civil 3D, and Inventor software to create digital prototypes of bridge infrastructure projects to enable efficient and accurate construction of complex elements. We explore the workflow used for passing model information between Revit, Civil 3D, and Inventor, as well as methods of integrating survey and layout.

Key Learnings

  • Pass model elements back and forth between Revit, Civil 3D, and Inventor
  • Use complex model geometry to create layout points for a robotic total station
  • Use Revit component tools to create complex geometry
  • Use Revit and Inventor building elements in Civil 3D for excavation planning and quantities


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