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Enhance Rebar Detailing with Revit and Graitec Powerpack

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    In this class, you will discover a set of effective tools to address rebar detailing topics within Revit software using the PowerPack add-on. First, you will measure the added value of using wizard for 3D cage generation—applied for usual linear elements such as beams, columns, and footings—respecting common constructive disposal rules. We will present complementary tools to manage rebars during creation phase, such as controlling rebar visibility or manipulating bars (trim, extend, copy, or split bars, for example). Then, we’ll complete standards reinforcement with additional bars placed around openings and edges for planar elements (walls and slabs). We will create automatic schedules thanks to flexible and configurable templates. To conclude, we’ll generate reinforcement drawings with specific commands, assisting users to choose right title blocks, to place views or schedules in final sheets. We’ll also tune drawings with bending details, automatic schemas completing schedules and end bar symbol.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to generate parametric rebar cages for RC members, including automatic constructive disposals.
    • Learn how to stop wasting time generating bars and fabrics schedules, and get quantity takeoff in few clicks!
    • Learn about handing Rebar objects in your Revit model (split, trim, extend, copy rebar, and more).
    • Learn how to custom and tune final rebar drawings with dedicated detailing tools.