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Engineered Parametric Project

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    This session will share a recent project that incorporates custom families into an early design project. The families have engineering built into them such that they essentially design themselves once placed in the project. Then, with changes to particular items in the project, the families update their designs in real-time, and the model then updates as well. In addition, the elements are scheduled, with approximated construction cost. This model was created for a client to use as a tool for making design decisions. This client builds a great deal of similar structures and wanted a way to visualize how various design decisions may affect things like ceiling heights, cost, and so on. This session will show how the custom families were created and how the project was modeled.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to incorporate engineering into structural families
    • Discuss challenges of building a parametric project
    • Discuss lessons learned and potential alternate approaches to the project
    • Discover an option for a design aid that can be created for clients, contractors, and so on