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The #EmpireBIMcrew Strikes Back
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The Millennium Falcon really is a heap of junk. Well, it was when Han bought it from Lando; it took a lot of work to refurbish it so that it could do the Kessel run so quickly. Using point clouds, Point Layout software, BIM 360 Field software, and BIM 360 Glue software, Han and Chewie managed to get the restoration turned around in less time than anyone had turned around a rust-bucket spaceship before—and to a higher quality with all the documentation and testing recorded for reference whenever the hyperdrive didn't kick in. This class will echo the workflows in real life from renovation to moving and from the end of construction to handover into facilities management. This will be a tongue-in-cheek class with much of the humor of the 2012 Autodesk University class, Building the Death Star the Autodesk Way.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how you can use a point cloud to compare as-built conditions to the design intent model
  • Learn how effective use of collecting data in the field can help keep track of maintainable assets
  • Learn how using various reporting methods can keep track of issues and give a visual understanding of progress
  • Learn how a rich intelligent model can give quick access to documentation for non-BIM savvy users



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