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Easy-to-Use Techniques for Bringing Your Design Content to the Next Level with 3ds Max
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With architects, designers, and engineers using 3ds Max software every day to complete their visualization projects, 3ds Max 2016 software offers the most comprehensive toolset to date. In this session we will explore both new and existing features in order to tell a compelling visualization story with the emphasis being on how to gain accessibility and ease of use without ever compromising quality. First we will look at some of the new Inventor-software-to-3ds-Max-software workflows used to quickly and efficiently create stunning imagery and animations of your models. Next we will look at various easy-to-use techniques for adding realism and a lived-in feel to your Revit software interior visualization projects. Lastly we will explore methods of adding procedural content as well as animated components to your scenes in order to bring your designs to life. Creating a pretty picture just got a whole lot more fun! Join me at Autodesk University and see what all the fuss is about. #3dsMax2016

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to efficiently create stunning imagery and animations of your Inventor models
  • Learn how to add a lived-in feel to your Revit interior visualization projects
  • Learn how to add procedural content to your scenes using the new Max Creation Graph
  • Learn how to easily add animated components in order to bring your designs to life



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