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Roundtable    DP21560-R
Driving Efficiencies Through PRAXIS Workflow Platform
Autodesk University
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Mapping Workflows is like BIM. Everyone talks about it and agrees we should adopt it, but does nothing about it. We need to change our thinking. Learn how to effectively evaluate your workflows to continuously improve efficiencies and maximize the value of your Autodesk, Inc., technology utilizing the PRAXIS platform. This roundtable will discuss how to identify repetition, bottlenecks, industry best practices, and inefficiencies in your workflows. If you are managing a large team and having difficulty getting mired down in detail and not having time to get to tactical and strategic tasks, this is the roundtable for you. This is a unique opportunity to share your insights and industry experience with each other and learn how mapping of workflows can help identify measurable improvements utilizing Autodesk technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a workflow assessment and show how it might be documented/refined using the PRAXIS workflow platform.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how workflow mapping can be used to redesign existing processes and improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary and repetitious steps
  • Learn about the role of optimized workflows in helping you to optimize your workflow practices and business objectives
  • Learn how workflows might be documented/refined using the PRAXIS workflow platform
  • Discover how workflow mapping can help identify measureable improvements


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