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Don't Say Revit Doesn't Do Beautiful

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    We all hear it... Revit doesn't do beautiful drawings. We hear it enough to sometimes believe it but we know the reality. With a little extra care and some playful control of tools such as Filters and Depth Cueing, we can make a tired flat 2D drawing spring off the page. designtech and BPTW Partnership have worked closely on these workflows, tested over the past year on delivered projects. Together we will show attendees how to use every available tool for 2D graphic representation within Revit. At no point will we take information away from Revit, enabling the BIM process to remain robust while giving designers the ability to turn complex data into beautiful drawings.

    Key Learnings

    • Create elegant representations of designs using Revit
    • Use the power of Filters and Depth Cueing to add polish to any drawing
    • Take a different approach to View Templates and graphics within Revit by having a deeper understanding of lineweights
    • Handle 2D lighting for your Elevations and Sections allowing for enhanced depth