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Do You Want to Build an Add-In?

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    This hands-on lab aims to provide an introduction to creating your own Revit add-ins using C#. This lab will not be an overly complex look at add-in creation from a computer programmer’s point if view. Instead, it will provide an introduction to Visual Studio and C# from a Revit user’s perspective. We’ll learn how to set up Visual Studio templates to get started quickly, how to observe the Revit database to find out what we can add, and how to build simple functionality to make Revit do what we want. In addition to these, you’ll gain insight into a ton of valuable resources to use as you continue your journey into the Revit API.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up Visual Studio for Revit add-in development
    • Learn about the Revit API
    • Gain access to valuable resources to build upon
    • Learn how to add functionality to Revit