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Divide and Conquer—How to Grade Sites As a Team
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As consulting requires increasingly speedy turnaround times for plans, it’s time to use the tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D software to let a team grade a site together. Do you have a large neighborhood to grade? This class can show you a simple technique to grade the individual areas and have one final product in the end. The class begins by describing the strengths and weaknesses of corridor grading through a neighborhood. As the site progresses, detailed grading can be added in "pockets" in separate files to let multiple designers grade a site. Finally, using data references and paste surface, we’ll bring all the surfaces together into one surface that can be data referenced through production sheets.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how to use a surface from a corridor to begin site grading
  • Learn how to apply simple grading techniques to grade lots
  • Learn how to use data references to maintain surfaces between multiple files
  • Learn how to use "paste surface" to bring multiple design surfaces together into one



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