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Discover the flexibility of iLogic in Inventor to improve your processes.

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    How many times you’re working in Inventor and asking yourself, if it’s possible to improve your daily work by automate repeating tasks or organize complicated jobs. iLogic is a very powerful and flexible programming technique in Inventor and could improve most of your daily processes. I want to show with a couple of examples how many different processes could be improved by using this technology. e.g. building up a library of parts, using iLogic forms, store knowledge into iLogic, using knowledge inside of iLogic… In our company at Claudius Peters we’re reducing a lot of time consuming tasks to a minimum by using iLogic. Also we’re storing knowledge and rules into iLogic programs to improve our internal process quality.

    Key Learnings

    • identify daily tasks if they could be improved with iLogic
    • solve simple problems with iLogic
    • search for solutions based on iLogic to improve your daily work.
    • to combine a lot of different iLogic based ideas to optimize more complex tasks step by step