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Reliable Modeling Techniques for Complex Part Design in Inventor

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    You may wonder: “How do I use Inventor software properly?” Of course—there is no “right” way to use Inventor. It’s a tool just like any other. We can use it for lots of different tasks, and in lots of different ways—all of them correct. Inventor lets us build parametric models—models that can easily change by adjusting the value of a parameter. This is awesome for building models that need to be adjusted in a predictable fashion. The problem with parametric modeling is that we must model in four dimensions. We model in the usual three dimensions, and we must also consider time, or the way our model might change over time. This change over time is often referred to as “design intent.” Building a model that can change in a predictable fashion takes a little thought and some planning. Reliable modeling requires a plan.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to take control of your parametric relationships.
    • Learn how to build complex parametric parts that are too robust to fail.
    • Learn how to document your models to make them easy to “read” and work with.
    • Discover a best practice workflow that can become your office standard.