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DirectContext3D: API for Displaying External Graphics in Revit

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    The DirectContext3D API exposes an interface to Revit plug-ins that lets graphics supplied by the external applications coexist with standard content in Revit software. Because external graphics can have diverse uses, external applications that utilize DirectContext3D can have a redefining effect on typical workflows in Revit. For example, a display of external content can be viewed as an alternative to linking or importing. In Revit 2018, this API capability enables the direct display of Navisworks content in Revit as a part of the Coordination Model feature. This class will provide the necessary foundation for Revit API developers to begin using DirectContext3D to display external graphical objects directly in Revit views. We will provide several examples, including Coordination Model.

    Key Learnings

    • Recognize how DirectContext3D fits into the graphics pipeline and Revit API
    • Learn how to use DirectContext3D to display simple graphics
    • Understand the current limitations of DirectContext3D
    • Learn how to design substantial applications that use DirectContext3D