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Hands-on Lab    UT2388-L
Designing Substations Part by Part with Inventor
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In the electric utility industry, it seems that everything we design is just like that one, only different. If you can relate to this statement, then this hands-on lab is for you. You will gain the ability to increase accuracy, quality, and productivity while improving Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows when designing electric utility substations using Inventor® software. We demonstrate sketching techniques you can use to easily alter standard content. We show examples of creating, copying, and using standard 3D models to fit any unique situation. Finally, we take you through the procedures to create and update an accurate parts list and quality drawings in a matter of minutes.

Key Learnings

  • Create standardized content using improved sketching techniques
  • Alter standard models to fit any unique application
  • Create an accurate parts list using intelligent 3D models
  • Quickly generate quality construction drawings


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