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Design Technology Challenges and Strategies for the Multipractice Area Firm

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    In this roundtable, staff from Perkins Eastman will discuss the unique challenges of being a multiple-practice-area firm. While all firms of all sizes must continue to evolve and maintain their standards and practices, there are unique challenges for architecture firms that routinely operate in multiple practice areas. Content management, standards curation, and workflow documentation are all-important, ongoing tasks in a design firm. When multiple teams are working in multiple practice areas, what can firms do to reduce duplication or forking of standards? How can you have standards that produce consistency where required, while also responding to the unique needs of different practice areas?

    Key Learnings

    • Discover methods for separating overall standards from practice area-specific standards
    • Discover why teams sometimes make their own unofficial standards for projects
    • Understand how to bring groups with unofficial standards back into the fold
    • Learn how to approach standards management in a way that enables variation with total loss of control