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Design to Manufacture: Building a Microfactory

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    The world of manufacturing and production technology is constantly changing. The uprising of the maker movement has seen many people gaining access to an array of machinery and technology on a scale never before seen and opening many doors that were previously locked solid, encouraging many ideas to become reality that have previously been unachievable. Micromanufacturing is the transformation of dreams and ideas into reality through the use of low-cost, minimalistic production technology and equipment in home-style businesses across the globe. In this class, we’ll cover the evolution of micromanufacturing, the ability it has to transform small ideas into viable products for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacture, and some real-world applications for micromanufacturing in an innovative, small-scale production environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the key differences between traditional manufacturing and micromanufacturing
    • Learn about making small changes to a product to reduce manufacturing costs
    • Learn how to identify the tools needed to set up your own microfactory
    • Learn how to select manufacturing techniques to make your product stand out