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Design Computation Symposium

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    An increasing number of designers, architects, and engineers are using graph-based visual programming and scripting techniques to generate and optimize design solutions. The Design Computation Symposium is a forum for presenting the results of this new approach to design and for discussing the development and use of computational design tools. With conventional computer-aided design, the designer uses interactive and direct modeling techniques to create or edit the design. By comparison, a computational designer uses scripting and other graph-based programming techniques. The script essentially captures the logic of the design and its execution generates the design solution, or indeed generates numerous design alternatives. This year's symposium features a number of different presentations from accomplished researchers, practitioners, and educators which focus on the fascinating relationship between logic, geometry, architectural form, analysis, simulation, and digital fabrication.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how design computation can amplify the creativity of the designer
    • Describe how expert computational designers harness scripting to drive both the generation of geometry and analysis tools
    • Build a simple design optimization system or a "solution space" of alternative designs, and navigate this space
    • Describe how the digital fabrication of complex facades can be generated and refined using design computation