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Demystifying technology and standards selection for infrastructure projects

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    Infrastructure projects are increasingly adopting BIM in design and construction delivery, frequently driven by owner demand. Contracts are specifying BIM deliverables, adoption of standards and asset data obligations that can be daunting for inexperienced as well as more capable suppliers. This class will review example BIM obligations in infrastructure contracts to understand what is being asked, its complexity, its suitability and appropriateness, in order to consider ways of meeting the requirements. A range of strategies to deliver requirements will be discussed that will include BIM tool selection, interoperability considerations, information standards such as ISO 19650, open BIM usage and techniques for meeting data handover obligations. The value of adopting a platform approach will also be explored where organizations can leverage consistent technologies and processes between projects whilst offering flexibility to meet varying requirements and participant capability.

    Key Learnings

    • recognize differences between BIM deliverables, information standards, asset data obligations and open BIM
    • implement a planning approach to adopt the right tools and processes for a given project
    • understand how a platform approach can offer long term flexibility for changing demands
    • challenge poorly crafted contractual requirements and offer recommendations on remedies