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Delivering an Automated Precision Manufacturing Facility for Off-Site Housing Products

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    Berkeley Group has been constructing residential properties in the UK for more than 40 years using traditional approaches. Berkeley Modular is a startup that will deliver off-site manufactured housing products, but at levels of productivity normally associated with other sectors such as automotive. This off-site manufactured housing product is intended to be safe, high performing, high quality, and comfortable where actual performance matches designed intent. The class will chart the development of a new factory build and cover lessons learned, including planning of the layout, specifying the flexible manufacturing system and development of productive workflow, and the development of a technology platform that supports the concept of mass customization and uses conversion velocity. The digitally enabled agile manufacturing platform includes BIM 360 software as the CDE, as well as a suite of integrated manufacturing systems based on Vault software, Inventor software, coBuilder Collaborate, Oracle Fusion, and Siemens MES.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a digitally enabled agile manufacturing platform to support automated data workflow for an off-site housing product
    • Learn how to organize structured product data for off-site housing products for use in design, manufacturing, and through-life support
    • Learn how to use computational logic to obtain high-level design automation to create data-rich models, BOM data, and machine code
    • Learn how to use harnesses for regression testing to support development of rules for design automation of off-site housing product