Industry Talk    TR221111
The DNA of an Integrated Factory Model: Combining Building, Factory, and Infrastructure
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Robert Ostermann (Magna Steyr Graz) and David Reaume (Autodesk) will present how easy it can be to create a 3D representation of an existing factory campus that contains and combines infrastructure, building, factory, and asset data. This integrated model enriched by real-time data will help all stakeholders to easily fulfill their different tasks in a perfect manner. To come to this valuable integrated model, you'd need a qualified data strategy and structure, behind which will be the DNA of this model. A short introduction about this process will be part of this presentation as well.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how easily you can create a digital twin of your factory or building
  • Learn what needs to be done in advance to get the most out of this model
  • See how qualified and structured data will lead to valid information, which will drive correct reliable decisions
  • Experience how a complete model will help to find the right information at the right time



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