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The Cutting Edge post production pipeline: An insider's perspective
Benjamin Richards
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This session focuses on the tools and workflows used by one of Australia's leading post-production houses, Cutting Edge. Learn how Cutting Edge leverages most of the Autodesk Media & Entertainment portfolio to create world class work efficiently, from occasional 2D animation jobs and storyboarding tasks, Sketchbook Pro enables an incredibly fast way of communicating ideas with sketching and paint tools. A suite of Autodesk content creation tools like Maya, Mudbox and Motion Builder allow our artists to realise the highest quality VFX work, to finishing to the highest standard in Autodesk Flame. Autodesk Shotgun is utilised to increase collaboration and efficiency and connect the team. Hear how new technology and forms of storytelling such as VR, AR and interactive engines will change the future of making entertainment.


Benjamin Richards
Benjamin Richards is extremely passionate about art, science, technology and the moving image. In the early 90s his interests culminated in the form of primitive 3D software, Autodesk 3D Studio, DOS version 2, resulting in an award-winning animated short. Since then, he has been involved in nearly all aspects of film and TV production, winning multiple awards for his VFX work and documentaries. For 7 years, he worked as a technical specialist at Autodesk living and traveling extensively; working with the likes of Weta, Pixar, Lucasfilm, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and other technology partners. As Director of Creative Development & Innovation for Cutting Edge, he is at the forefront of an exciting new era of storytelling.


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