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Customize Your AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometric Configuration

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    AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics software is a powerful tool for turning your complex plant piping system models into accurate contractor drawings. This class takes a hands-on approach to customization of isometric drawing output from AutoCAD Plant 3D software and goes hand in hand with the use cases outlined in the Getting the Most Out of Plant 3D Isometrics tech talk. To start, this lab will cover the creation of a new iso style. Then we'll continue into the basic customizations found in the Project Setup interface. From there we'll learn to integrate a custom title block and ways to populate its attributes with project data. We'll then tackle more complex output by delving deeper to make advanced tweaks directly in the configuration files. Finally, we'll wrap up by generating an isometric drawing using the newly created iso style.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create and customize a new iso style
    • Learn how to automatically populate an iso title block at run time using attributes linked to the database or an external line list
    • Learn how to integrate a custom symbol, filter, and annotation scheme into AutoCAD Plant 3D isometrics
    • Learn how to navigate the IsoConfigxml to modify configurable items that are not present in the GUI